Race Report: 2021 Big Machine Spiked Coolers Grand Prix

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Aug. 14, 2021

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Race Top Five

RankDriverCar No.Laps LedPoints
1Will Power125653
2Romain Grosjean51-40
3Colton Herta26236
4Alexander Rossi27-32
5Pato O'Ward51632

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RankDriverCar No.StartLapsTotal TimeLaps LedStatusPointsAvg. SpeedPit Stops
1Will Power1228501:49:38.081156Running53113.4583
2Romain Grosjean5138501:49:39.1953-Running40113.4383
3Colton Herta2658501:49:40.43092Running36113.4173
4Alexander Rossi27108501:49:41.5193-Running32113.3983
5Pato O'Ward518501:49:42.186316Running32113.3873
6Jack Harvey6078501:49:43.4044-Running28113.3663
7Graham Rahal15168501:49:43.9364-Running26113.3573
8Josef Newgarden2208501:49:44.33082Running25113.3503
9Marcus Ericsson8118501:49:45.0891-Running22113.3373
10Takuma Sato30158501:49:46.0260-Running20113.3213
11Conor Daly2088501:49:47.4407-Running19113.2973
12Christian Lundgaard4548501:49:47.91902Running19113.2883
13Felix Rosenqvist7198501:49:48.7045-Running17113.2753
14Ed Jones18178501:49:50.2010-Running16113.2493
15Sebastien Bourdais14148501:49:50.6592-Running15113.2413
16Simon Pagenaud22128501:49:54.49807Running15113.1753
17Scott Dixon9268501:49:55.2735-Running13113.1623
18Ryan Hunter-Reay28138501:49:55.4084-Running12113.1603
19Jimmie Johnson48228501:49:56.2396-Running11113.1453
20Max Chilton59188501:49:56.8300-Running10113.1353
21Helio Castroneves06238501:49:57.6262-Running9113.1223
22James Hinchcliffe29248501:49:58.9261-Running8113.0993
23Scott McLaughlin3218501:49:59.0926-Running7113.0963
24Rinus VeeKay2198501:50:00.5757-Running6113.0713
25Cody Ware52278301:50:04.5253-Running5110.3454
26Dalton Kellett4288101:50:12.2303-Running5107.5604
27Alex Palou1066701:23:45.3936-Mechanical5117.0633
28RC Enerson75251200:26:30.1145-Mechanical566.2622
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Session Notes:

  • The 2021 Big Machine Spiked Coolers Grand Prix was 85 laps on the 2.439-mile, 14-turn Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course totaling 207.32 miles.
  • All cars but those of Romain Grosjean, Josef Newgarden, Alex Palou, Scott McLaughlin, Conor Daly, Ed Jones and Ryan Hunter-Reay started on Firestone Firehawk black primary tires.
  • Fifteen minutes prior to the green flag, the ambient temperature was 81 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The track temperature was 113 degrees according to Firestone engineers.
  • At 12:55 p.m. EDT, co-grand marshals Scott and Sandy Borchetta gave the command. All engines started and all cars rolled off the grid.
  • O'Ward led the field to the green and maintained the lead until his first pit stop on Lap 16, at which point Will Power took control of the race.
  • Two late race cautions slowed the pace:
    • Lap 67: With smoke trailing from the rear of the No. 10 Honda, Alex Palou came to a stop on course with a mechanical issue. The car was retired form the event and the championship leader ended the day with a finish of 27th.
    • Lap 77: Rinus VeeKay spun the No. 21 Chevrolet after contact with the No. 3 Chevrolet of Scott McLaughlin. VeeKay was stalled on course in Turn 7. For avoidable contact, McLaughlin was ordered to take the restart from the rear of the field.
  • Power went on to lead 56 of 85 laps en route to his first victory of 2021 and the 40th of his Indy car career. The achievement also marked Power's sixth win at Indianapolis — once on the 2.5-mile oval and five times on the road course — which tied him with Kyle Bush for most victories at the track.
  • Despite finishing near the bottom of the running order, Palou kept the points lead but the race for the 2021 championship tightened significantly.
    • Palou: 415
    • O'Ward: 394 (-21)
    • Dixon: 381 (-34)
    • Newgarden: 360 (-55)
    • Ericsson: 353 (-62)
    • Rahal: 312 (-103)
    • Herta: 311 (-104)
    • Pagenaud: 295 (-120)
    • Power: 278 (-137)
    • VeeKay: 269 (-146)


RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Marcus Ericsson801:11.370521123.02622--.------.----
2Alexander Rossi2701:11.389512122.993180.01900.0190
3Josef Newgarden201:11.46398122.865220.09340.0744
4Jack Harvey6001:11.49516122.811160.12460.0312
5Max Chilton5901:11.576015122.672180.20550.0809
6Takuma Sato3001:11.669714122.512200.29920.0937
7Graham Rahal1501:11.674317122.504220.30380.0046
8Conor Daly2001:11.68187122.491200.31130.0075
9Scott Dixon901:11.705115122.452180.33460.0233
10Romain Grosjean5101:11.757316122.362210.38680.0522
11Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:11.90896122.104110.53840.1516
12Alex Palou1001:11.982210121.980150.61170.0733
13Scott McLaughlin301:12.093916121.791210.72340.1117
14Dalton Kellett401:12.095215121.789200.72470.0013
15Helio Castroneves601:12.123917121.741190.75340.0287
16Colton Herta2601:12.12626121.737160.75570.0023
17Rinus VeeKay2101:12.134115121.723190.76360.0079
18Christian Lundgaard4501:12.184023121.639230.81350.0499
19Ed Jones1801:12.20537121.603180.83480.0213
20Simon Pagenaud2201:12.240716121.544180.87020.0354
21Sebastien Bourdais1401:12.271912121.491220.90140.0312
22Felix Rosenqvist701:12.29815121.447220.92760.0262
23Pato O'Ward501:12.40927121.261231.03870.1111
24Will Power1201:12.41839121.246201.04780.0091
25Jimmie Johnson4801:12.54168121.040201.17110.1233
26James Hinchcliffe2901:12.856413120.517181.48590.3148
27RC Enerson7501:12.96897120.331151.59840.1125
28Cody Ware5201:13.57036119.347212.19980.6014
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Firestone Fast 12
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Pato O'Ward501:10.7147124.16766--.------.----
2Will Power1201:10.7214124.155660.00670.0067
3Romain Grosjean5101:10.7418124.119660.02710.0204
4Christian Lundgaard4501:10.7433124.116660.02860.0015
5Colton Herta2601:10.7631124.082660.04840.0198
6Alex Palou1001:10.8290123.966670.11430.0659
7Jack Harvey6001:10.8875123.864660.17280.0585
8Conor Daly2001:10.9532123.749660.23850.0657
9Rinus VeeKay2101:11.0208123.631670.30610.0676
10Alexander Rossi2701:11.0240123.626560.30930.0032
11Marcus Ericsson801:11.0342123.608660.31950.0102
12Simon Pagenaud2201:11.1346123.434660.41990.1004
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Session Notes:

  • At the start of the final round of qualifying, the ambient temperature was 85 degrees with 68% relative humidity and mostly cloudy skies. The track temperature was 98 degrees according to Firestone engineers.
  • The Firestone Fast 12 was not subject to any penalties, however the results were not immediately validated by INDYCAR due to a protest by the No. 12 team. The challenge alleged that Power had been blocked by the No. 5 Chevrolet of O'Ward on Power's first flying lap.
  • With no action taken, O'Ward secured the NTT P1 Award thanks to a lap time of 1:10.7147.

Round 1 Group 2
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Alexander Rossi2701:10.9867123.69156--.------.----
2Christian Lundgaard4501:11.0511123.579670.06440.0644
3Alex Palou1001:11.1296123.442670.14290.0785
4Romain Grosjean5101:11.1957123.328660.20900.0661
5Pato O'Ward501:11.2094123.304670.22270.0137
6Marcus Ericsson801:11.2510123.232660.26430.0416
7Josef Newgarden201:11.3623123.040660.37560.1113
8Takuma Sato3001:11.4174122.945660.43070.0551
9Ed Jones1801:11.4360122.913660.44930.0186
10Felix Rosenqvist701:11.5340122.744670.54730.0980
11Jimmie Johnson4801:11.8624122.184560.87570.3284
12James Hinchcliffe2901:12.0813121.812561.09460.2189
13Scott Dixon901:12.2660121.501371.27930.1847
14Dalton Kellett401:12.5494121.027671.56270.2834
— Round 1 Group 2: Results (PDF) | Back to session list

Session Notes:

  • Scott Dixon spun the No. 9 Chip Ganassi Racing Honda near the timing line that would have ended his final lap, bringing out a local yellow that affected other competitors. Dixon was penalized his fastest lap.
  • Felix Rosenqvist, James Hinchcliffe and Dalton Kellett each had a lap invalidated for failure to reduce speed under a local yellow.
  • Alexander Rossi was fastest in the group and advanced along with Christian Lundgaard, Alex Palou, Romain Grosjean, Pato O'Ward and Marcus Ericsson.

Round 1 Group 1
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Will Power1201:10.9988123.67066--.------.----
2Jack Harvey6001:11.1800123.355660.18120.1812
3Conor Daly2001:11.3129123.125560.31410.1329
4Simon Pagenaud2201:11.3160123.120560.31720.0031
5Colton Herta2601:11.3896122.993670.39080.0736
6Rinus VeeKay2101:11.4208122.939660.42200.0312
7Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:11.5084122.788660.50960.0876
8Sebastien Bourdais1401:11.5504122.716770.55160.0420
9Graham Rahal1501:11.5583122.703570.55950.0079
10Max Chilton5901:11.5739122.676560.57510.0156
11Scott McLaughlin301:11.6676122.516570.66880.0937
12Helio Castroneves601:11.7319122.406660.73310.0643
13RC Enerson7501:12.3344121.386661.33560.6025
14Cody Ware5201:13.7572119.045662.75841.4228
— Round 1 Group 1: Results (PDF) | Back to session list

Session Notes:

  • At the start of qualifying, the ambient temperature at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was 88 degrees with 55% relative humidity and partly cloudy skies. The track temperature was 103 degrees according to Firestone engineers.
  • The drivers of Group 1 were not assessed any penalties.
  • Will Power was fastest in the group and advanced to the Firestone Fast 12 along with Jack Harvey, Conor Daly, Simon Pagenaud, Colton Herta and Rinus VeeKay.


RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Alex Palou1001:10.883917123.87021--.------.----
2Rinus VeeKay2101:10.906219123.831240.02230.0223
3Pato O'Ward501:10.926720123.795210.04280.0205
4Jack Harvey6001:10.939715123.773160.05580.0130
5Josef Newgarden201:11.085022123.520220.20110.1453
6Will Power1201:11.111324123.474240.22740.0263
7Christian Lundgaard4501:11.141222123.422270.25730.0299
8Graham Rahal1501:11.155321123.398250.27140.0141
9Marcus Ericsson801:11.285420123.172200.40150.1301
10Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:11.297223123.152230.41330.0118
11Alexander Rossi2701:11.306716123.136160.42280.0095
12Simon Pagenaud2201:11.371022123.025220.48710.0643
13Romain Grosjean5101:11.391917122.989210.50800.0209
14Conor Daly2001:11.439320122.907200.55540.0474
15Scott Dixon901:11.485822122.827220.60190.0465
16Helio Castroneves601:11.547218122.722220.66330.0614
17James Hinchcliffe2901:11.586019122.655230.70210.0388
18Sebastien Bourdais1401:11.638520122.565200.75460.0525
19Felix Rosenqvist701:11.729118122.411180.84520.0906
20Scott McLaughlin301:11.772019122.337260.88810.0429
21Ed Jones1801:11.993114121.962181.10920.2211
22RC Enerson7501:12.019121121.918251.13520.0260
23Takuma Sato3001:12.027022121.904221.14310.0079
24Max Chilton5901:12.174523121.655231.29060.1475
25Dalton Kellett401:12.202920121.607261.31900.0284
26Colton Herta2601:12.24103121.543161.35710.0381
27Jimmie Johnson4801:12.299520121.445261.41560.0585
28Cody Ware5201:13.502022119.458222.61811.2025
— Practice 1: Results | Back to the session list

Session Notes:

  • At the start of the 60-minute session, the ambient temperature at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was 81 degrees with 71% relative humidity and overcast skies. The track temperature was 97 degrees according to Firestone engineers.
  • Halfway through practice, Rinus VeeKay's 1:11.8641 was fastest.
  • Eight minutes before the scheduled end of practice, the No. 26 Andretti Autosport Honda of Colton Herta stopped at pit exit, necessitating a red flag. The session resumed five minutes later. Herta was issued a five-minute time penalty for causing a red flag during practice.
  • At the checkered flag, championship leader Alex Palou was fastest with a 1:10.8839 in the No. 10 Chip Ganassi Racing Honda.


Green Flag1 p.m. EDT *
Drivers Start Your Engines12:55 p.m.
Race Broadcast12:30 p.m. on NBCSN
Qualifying7 p.m. Friday
Qualifying Broadcast7 p.m. Friday on NBCSN
Practice Sessions3–4 p.m. Friday
8:45–9:15 a.m. Saturday (warm-up)
Full Weekend ScheduleView PDF
Live Timing and ScoringINDYCAR Race Control and INDYCAR Mobile app (iOS, Android).
Radio BroadcastINDYCAR Radio Network affiliates, SiriusXM 205, IndyCar.com and on the INDYCAR Mobile app (iOS, Android).
Video StreamingAll NTT IndyCar Series practice sessions and qualifying will stream live on Peacock Premium, NBC’s direct-to-consumer livestreaming product.
* All times are in Eastern Daylight Time. View the green-flag time in all time zones.

Starting LineupView Table
Qualifying GroupsView PDF
Entry ListView Table
Spotter Guide
2021 Big Machine Spiked Coolers Grand Prix spotter guide
View PDF | View Interactive
Pit AssignmentsView PDF
Push-to-Pass Parameters200 seconds of total time, with a maximum time of 20 seconds per activation.
Tires Available per EntryFive sets primary, four sets alternate (Note: A sixth set of primary tires is available to any car fielding a rookie driver.)

Starting Lineup

SPCar No.DriverEngineTire
15Pato O'WardChevroletAlternate
212Will PowerChevroletPrimary
351Romain Grosjean (R)HondaPrimary
445Christian Lundgaard (R)HondaAlternate
526Colton HertaHondaPrimary
610Alex PalouHondaPrimary
760Jack HarveyHondaPrimary
820Conor DalyChevroletPrimary
921Rinus VeeKayChevroletPrimary
1027Alexander RossiHondaPrimary
118Marcus EricssonHondaPrimary
1222Simon PagenaudChevroletAlternate
1328Ryan Hunter-ReayHondaPrimary
1414Sebastien BourdaisChevroletPrimary
1530Takuma SatoHondaPrimary
1615Graham RahalHondaAlternate
1718Ed JonesHondaAlternate
1859Max ChiltonChevroletAlternate
197Felix RosenqvistChevroletAlternate
202Josef NewgardenChevroletPrimary
213Scott McLaughlin (R)ChevroletPrimary
2248Jimmie Johnson (R)HondaPrimary
2306Helio CastronevesHondaPrimary
2429James HinchcliffeHondaPrimary
2575RC Enerson (R)ChevroletPrimary
269Scott DixonHondaPrimary
2752Cody Ware (R)HondaPrimary
284Dalton KellettChevroletPrimary
(R) Rookie
— Starting Lineup: PDF

Entry List

Car No.DriverHometownSponsorTeamEngine
2Josef NewgardenNashville, Tennessee, USAXPELTeam PenskeChevrolet
3Scott McLaughlin (R)Christchurch, New ZealandCarShopTeam PenskeChevrolet
4Dalton KellettStouffville, CanadaK-Line InsulatorsAJ Foyt RacingChevrolet
5Pato O'WardMonterrey, MexicoArrow McLaren SPArrow McLaren SPChevrolet
06Helio CastronevesSao Paulo, BrazilMeyer Shank RacingMeyer Shank RacingHonda
7Felix RosenqvistVärnamo, SwedenArrow McLaren SPArrow McLaren SPChevrolet
8Marcus EricssonKumla, SwedenHuski ChocolateChip Ganassi RacingHonda
9Scott DixonAuckland, New ZealandPNC Bank Grow Up GreatChip Ganassi RacingHonda
10Alex PalouBarcelona, SpainNTT DataChip Ganassi RacingHonda
12Will PowerToowoomba, AustraliaVerizon 5GTeam PenskeChevrolet
14Sebastien BourdaisLe Mans, FranceROKiTAJ Foyt RacingChevrolet
15Graham RahalNew Albany, Ohio, USARahal Letterman LaniganRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
18Ed JonesDubai, United Arab EmiratesSealMasterDale Coyne Racing with Vasser SullivanHonda
20Conor DalyNoblesville, Indiana, USAU.S. Air ForceEd Carpenter RacingChevrolet
21Rinus VeeKayHoofddorp, NetherlandsSonax / AutogeekEd Carpenter RacingChevrolet
22Simon PagenaudMontmorillon, FranceMenardsTeam PenskeChevrolet
26Colton HertaValencia, California, USAGainbridgeAndretti AutosportHonda
27Alexander RossiNevada City, California, USAAutoNation / NAPA Auto PartsAndretti AutosportHonda
28Ryan Hunter-ReayFort Lauderdale, Florida, USADHLAndretti AutosportHonda
29James HinchcliffeToronto, CanadaGenesysAndretti AutosportHonda
30Takuma SatoTokyo, JapanPanasonic / Mi-JackRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
45Christian Lundgaard (R)Hedensted, DenmarkMi-JackRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
48Jimmie Johnson (R)El Cajon, California, USACarvanaChip Ganassi RacingHonda
51Romain Grosjean (R)Geneva, SwitzerlandNurtec ODTDale Coyne Racing with RWRHonda
52Cody Ware (R)Greensboro, North Carolina, USANurtec ODTDale Coyne Racing with RWRHonda
59Max ChiltonReigate, EnglandCarlinCarlinChevrolet
60Jack HarveyBassingham, EnglandAutoNation / SiriusXMMeyer Shank RacingHonda
75RC Enerson (R)New Port Richey, Florida, USATop Gun RacingTop Gun RacingChevrolet
(R) — Denotes NTT IndyCar Series Rookie of the Year candidate
— Entry List: PDF


Track TypeRoad course
Length2.439 miles
Race Distance85 laps (207.3 miles)
Number of Turns14
Track Map
2021 Big Machine Spiked Coolers Grand Prix track map
Event Twitter Account & Hashtag@IMS, #TheBrickyard

Past Driver Performance IndexView PDF
Last Two Wins (Harvest Grand Prix)— 2020 Race 2: Will Power, Team Penske
— 2020 Race 1: Josef Newgarden, Team Penske
Last Two Poles (Harvest Grand Prix)— 2020 Race 2: Will Power, Team Penske (1:08.9767)
— 2020 Race 1: Rinus VeeKay, Ed Carpenter Racing (1:09.6903)
Qualifying Lap Record (Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course)1:07.7044 (Will Power of Team Penske on May 12, 2017)

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