Diligent, advanced, impassioned.

The Apex combines two distinct skill sets into one unique motor sports publication.

Aaron Durant
Aaron brings a developing design and editorial vision to The Apex every day and co-hosts The Braking Point podcast every week. As editor-in-chief and an avid reader, Aaron enjoys aligning his relentless care for quality with an interest in counterintuitive approaches.
Ben Hinc
Ben's executive editor title is purposefully broad to encompass the bottomless list of roles he fills for The Apex, which includes webmaster, graphic designer, quality consultant and writer. Ben's technical background and progressive media distribution approach set The Apex apart technologically and philosophically.

Welcome to a slow place about fast things.

The Apex offers information and insight into the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and IndyCar Series for fans who care about attention to detail and believe world-class racing deserves high-quality writing.

We launched The Apex in 2015 to write about an array of global racing championships and events. Our editorial philosophy has since become one of quality over quantity, prompting us to reduce the topics we cover and heighten the depth with which we cover them.

With your help, we currently attend most events on the IndyCar calendar and a handful of WeatherTech Championship races to strengthen our written work as well as our weekly podcast, The Braking Point. What we lack in formal journalism education and experience we make up for in our demand for quality, drive to learn and dedication to the cutting edge.

The time you set aside to read our work is immensely valuable to us so we dig deep to create articles that are easy to understand but challenging to read — in a good way. Furthermore, we make our creations the focus on every page by displaying no advertisements and we protect your privacy by eliminating all third-party trackers.

We intend to demonstrate that the 24-hour news cycle doesn’t even belong in the fast-paced world of motor sports. Disregarding that path, we aim to delight by carefully producing articles about some of the fastest objects — and people — on the planet.

Don’t forget: Apexes and braking points are a racetrack’s slowest features, but they’re also where the most positions can be gained.

What We Publish


Purposefully brief, these articles cut through the press release's narrative to inform you while requiring minimal reading time.


Rather than simply copy-pasting quotes from press conferences or interviews we conduct, we explore the story around, behind and ahead of the story. To us, the why, how and impact are more interesting than simply who said what.


The formation of opinions is inevitable when you chase an interest as much as we do with racing. Though we keep them separated from our other written articles, we express our personal viewpoints from time to time.

Race Reports

Featuring the weekend schedule, entry list, session results and more, these are an ideal resource before, during and after each event.

Photo Galleries

Our interest in photography and partnership with Spacesuit Media are showcased following race weekends.


We hit The Braking Point once weekly to discuss prominent WeatherTech Championship and IndyCar topics.

What Sets Us Apart

An inch wide and mile deep

Quality obsession

Focusing on only two championships allows us to cover them with depth. And our unbeaten standards for quality writing plus strict adherence to Associated Press and series-specific style guides means our articles are consistently clear.

Aaron Durant with Ben Hinc before 2018 Detroit IndyCar race

Catch our weekly conversation

Premium podcast

Once a week, we trade our keyboards for microphones and discuss prominent racing topics on the only motor sports podcast that's chaptered for your convenience.

The Braking Point episode in Castro podcast app

Keep The Apex on Track

Maintaining The Apex at a high level requires thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours per month. Your support makes a difference.


When a particular article or podcast episode brings you value, pass it on. Word of mouth and sharing online brings The Apex to the attention of others in the best possible way.


We employ a value-for-value model in which you decide how much our work is worth to you and return the value you receive via one-time or recurring contributions.

Articles worth slowing down for

Distraction-free reading

Advertisements provide negative value as they demand your attention and track you around the internet. No ads on The Apex means no interruptions while you read, no third-party trackers in your browser and no waiting for pages to load.

COTA IndyCar test article on The Apex

Images with a thousand words

Expert photography

Our interest in photography pales in comparison to the talent Spacesuit Media sends to each IndyCar race. We're proud to showcase their work — and some of our own — from behind the lens.

Hunter-Reay DHL Indy car unloaded at Texas

Curb your browsing

Mobile theme

A distinct mobile version of The Apex makes navigating the site and reading articles on the go simple as can be. Each page includes everything that's important and nothing more.

Mazda IMSA article on The Apex