Race Report: 2021 REV Group Grand Prix

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Road America
July 20, 2021

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Race Top Five

RankDriverCar No.Laps LedPoints
1Alex Palou10551
2Colton Herta26-40
3Will Power12-35
4Scott Dixon9133
5Romain Grosjean51-30


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RankDriverCar No.StartLapsTotal TimeLaps LedStatusPointsAvg. SpeedPit Stops
1Alex Palou1055501:50:55.05345Running51119.4243
2Colton Herta2625501:50:56.9640-Running40119.3903
3Will Power1245501:50:58.0387-Running35119.3703
4Scott Dixon9135501:50:58.95821Running33119.3543
5Romain Grosjean5175501:50:59.7670-Running30119.3393
6Marcus Ericsson8185501:51:00.2340-Running28119.3313
7Alexander Rossi2795501:51:02.7753-Running26119.2853
8Takuma Sato30205501:51:02.96792Running25119.2824
9Pato O'Ward5105501:51:04.0777-Running22119.2623
10Max Chilton59225501:51:04.42677Running21119.2564
11Graham Rahal15145501:51:04.8561-Running19119.2483
12Oliver Askew21165501:51:06.35532Running19119.2214
13Ryan Hunter-Reay2885501:51:06.9912-Running17119.2103
14Scott McLaughlin3175501:51:07.2464-Running16119.2053
15James Hinchcliffe29195501:51:09.0013-Running15119.1743
16Sebastien Bourdais14115501:51:09.1703-Running14119.1715
17Jack Harvey6035501:51:10.6479-Running13119.1453
18Simon Pagenaud2265501:51:11.5148-Running12119.1294
19Cody Ware52255501:51:12.0467-Running11119.1203
20Conor Daly20155501:51:12.6092-Running10119.1103
21Josef Newgarden215501:52:25.842832Running13117.8173
22Jimmie Johnson48235401:51:12.1233-Running8116.9534
23Ed Jones18125001:40:46.1051-Off Course7119.5023
24Kevin Magnussen7213301:06:46.64186Off Course7119.0183
25Dalton Kellett4241900:43:38.4837-Mechanical5104.8542
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Session Notes:

  • The 2021 edition of the REV Group Grand Prix was 55 laps on the 14-turn, 4.014-mile Road America road course totaling 222.77 miles. The pit window was 13–14 laps under green-flag conditions.
  • The ambient temperature prior to the green flag was 67 degrees with 58% relative humidity and cloudy skies. The track temperature was 89 degrees according to Firestone engineers.
  • Josef Newgarden led the field to the green flag and would go on to lead 32 of the 55 laps.
  • Four cautions slowed the action:
    • Lap 16: Jimmie Johnson spun the No. 48 Honda in Turn 7.
    • Lap 22: Marcus Ericsson spun the No. 8 Honda in Turn 3.
    • Lap 34: Kevin Magnussen pulled the No. 7 Chevrolet off course in Turn 7 with an apparent mechanical issue.
    • Lap 51: Ed Jones spun the No. 18 Honda off course in Turn 12.
  • On the final restart on Lap 54, Newgarden led at start-finish but was passed by Alex Palou in Turn 1. Newgarden later reported that he was unable to upshift from fifth to sixth gear which allowed Palou to easily pass.
  • Palou led the final two laps, bringing his laps led total to five.
  • Palou took the checkered flag with a 1.9106-second margin of victory over Colton Herta. Will Power, Scott Dixon and Romain Grosjean completed the top five. With his mechanical issue, Newgarden dropped to 21st and was the last car on the lead lap.
  • The victory marked Palou's second of 2021 and the second of his NTT IndyCar Series career. It is the fourth victory for Chip Ganassi Racing this year, after Palou at Barber Motorsports Park, Dixon at Texas Motor Speedway and Ericsson at the Raceway at Belle Isle Park.
  • Palou reclaimed the points lead with his Road America victory.
    • Palou: 349
    • O'Ward: 321
    • Dixon: 296
    • Newgarden: 261
    • Pagenaud: 255
    • VeeKay: 243
    • Herta: 242
    • Ericsson: 239
    • Rahal: 228
    • Sato: 206
  • Next up for the series is the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on July 4. LIve coverage begins on NBC at noon EDT.


RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Colton Herta2601:47.631210134.25811--.------.----
2Scott Dixon901:47.64578134.240100.01450.0145
3Graham Rahal1501:47.670710134.209120.03950.0250
4Josef Newgarden201:48.03115133.761130.39990.3604
5Max Chilton5901:48.053311133.734120.42210.0222
6Takuma Sato3001:48.082511133.698120.45130.0292
7Ed Jones1801:48.32737133.396110.69610.2448
8Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:48.410510133.293120.77930.0832
9Alexander Rossi2701:48.535512133.140120.90430.1250
10Pato O'Ward501:48.66917132.976111.03790.1336
11Marcus Ericsson801:48.68725132.954121.05600.0181
12Jack Harvey6001:49.15759132.381101.52630.4703
13Romain Grosjean5101:49.30949132.19791.67820.1519
14Jimmie Johnson4801:49.35758132.139121.72630.0481
15Scott McLaughlin301:49.569810131.883111.93860.2123
16James Hinchcliffe2901:49.617612131.826121.98640.0478
17Alex Palou1001:49.77487131.637122.14360.1572
18Oliver Askew2101:49.78889131.620132.15760.0140
19Simon Pagenaud2201:49.877212131.514132.24600.0884
20Kevin Magnussen701:50.31838130.98882.68710.4411
21Conor Daly2001:50.35749130.942102.72620.0391
22Sebastien Bourdais1401:50.45798130.823132.82670.1005
23Will Power1201:50.51497130.755122.88370.0570
24Cody Ware5201:50.81625130.400123.18500.3013
25Dalton Kellett401:51.76041129.29814.12920.9442
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Session Notes:

  • Rather than a race-day warm-up session on Sunday morning, this weekend's visit to Road America feared an afternoon warm-up after qualifying.
  • The 30-minute session was interrupted by a single red flag when, six minutes in, Dalton Kellett went off course at Turn 12. He was returned to the pits and practice resumed with 19 minutes remaining.
  • Colton Herta's fastest lap was his last one, which put him ahead of Scott Dixon by 0.0145 seconds.


Firestone Fast 6
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Josef Newgarden201:46.0186136.30123--.------.----
2Colton Herta2601:46.2616135.989330.24300.2430
3Jack Harvey6001:46.7206135.404220.70200.4590
4Will Power1201:46.8237135.273330.80510.1031
5Alex Palou1001:46.8633135.223220.84470.0396
6Simon Pagenaud2201:47.1274134.890331.10880.2641
— Firestone Fast Six: Results (PDF) | Overall Results (PDF) | Back to session list

Session Notes:

  • Due to the 4.014-mile length of Road America, each of the qualifying segments were extended by two minutes, with Rounds 1 and 2 having 12-minute durations and eight minutes for the Firestone Fast Six.
  • There were no incidents or penalties during qualifying.
  • Josef Newgarden used new black primary tires during the Firestone Fast Six, unlike the rest of the competitors who attempted their fast laps on used red alternate tires.
  • Newgarden's NTT P1 Award is his second pole in 2021, 13th of his career and third at Road America.

Round 2
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Jack Harvey6001:45.3612137.15155--.------.----
2Colton Herta2601:45.5231136.941550.16190.1619
3Josef Newgarden201:45.6818136.735550.32060.1587
4Simon Pagenaud2201:45.7996136.583550.43840.1178
5Alex Palou1001:45.8363136.535660.47510.0367
6Will Power1201:45.8570136.509550.49580.0207
7Romain Grosjean5101:45.9015136.451550.54030.0445
8Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:45.9514136.387550.59020.0499
9Alexander Rossi2701:46.1037136.191550.74250.1523
10Pato O'Ward501:46.1069136.187550.74570.0032
11Sebastien Bourdais1401:46.2225136.039550.86130.1156
12Ed Jones1801:46.2270136.033550.86580.0045
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Round 1 Group 2
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Josef Newgarden201:45.6078136.83155--.------.----
2Alexander Rossi2701:45.6286136.804550.02080.0208
3Will Power1201:45.6716136.748550.06380.0430
4Pato O'Ward501:45.7681136.623550.16030.0965
5Ed Jones1801:45.7968136.586550.18900.0287
6Jack Harvey6001:46.0061136.317550.39830.2093
7Graham Rahal1501:46.2779135.968550.67010.2718
8Oliver Askew2101:46.2902135.952550.68240.0123
9Marcus Ericsson801:46.4069135.803550.79910.1167
10Takuma Sato3001:46.5130135.668550.90520.1061
11Max Chilton5901:46.5551135.614550.94730.0421
12Dalton Kellett401:46.9786135.077451.37080.4235
13Cody Ware5201:47.7324134.132552.12460.7538
— Round 1 Group 2: Results (PDF) | Back to session list

Round 1 Group 1
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Colton Herta2601:45.7504136.64655--.------.----
2Alex Palou1001:45.8821136.476460.13170.1317
3Sebastien Bourdais1401:46.1085136.185550.35810.2264
4Simon Pagenaud2201:46.1281136.160550.37770.0196
5Romain Grosjean5101:46.1329136.154550.38250.0048
6Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:46.3086135.929550.55820.1757
7Scott Dixon901:46.3427135.885660.59230.0341
8Conor Daly2001:46.3976135.815450.64720.0549
9Scott McLaughlin301:46.8624135.224551.11200.4648
10James Hinchcliffe2901:47.0294135.013251.27900.1670
11Kevin Magnussen701:47.3776134.576551.62720.3482
12Jimmie Johnson4801:47.7886134.062552.03820.4110
— Round 1 Group 1: Results (PDF) | Back to session list

Practice 2

RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Josef Newgarden201:45.339911137.17914--.------.----
2Colton Herta2601:45.473011137.006120.13310.1331
3Graham Rahal1501:45.651512136.774130.31160.1785
4Romain Grosjean5101:45.770011136.621120.43010.1185
5Oliver Askew2101:45.795310136.588130.45540.0253
6Alex Palou1001:45.863613136.500140.52370.0683
7Pato O'Ward501:45.870512136.491130.53060.0069
8Sebastien Bourdais1401:45.90519136.447120.56520.0346
9Will Power1201:45.950210136.389150.61030.0451
10Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:46.02358136.294120.68360.0733
11Marcus Ericsson801:46.069711136.235120.72980.0462
12Conor Daly2001:46.079713136.222140.73980.0100
13Jack Harvey6001:46.138011136.147120.79810.0583
14Simon Pagenaud2201:46.19829136.070130.85830.0602
15Alexander Rossi2701:46.276213135.970130.93630.0780
16Scott McLaughlin301:46.415813135.792151.07590.1396
17Ed Jones1801:46.427611135.777121.08770.0118
18James Hinchcliffe2901:46.606611135.549111.26670.1790
19Takuma Sato3001:46.76108135.353141.42110.1544
20Kevin Magnussen701:46.951610135.112121.61170.1906
21Max Chilton5901:47.025413135.018131.68550.0738
22Scott Dixon901:47.21818134.77681.87820.1927
23Dalton Kellett401:47.490311134.434162.15040.2722
24Jimmie Johnson4801:47.682111134.195152.34220.1918
25Cody Ware5201:49.226410132.298113.88651.5443
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Session Notes:

  • On track in cooler temperatures than the sweltering first practice on Friday afternoon, Saturday's Practice 1 was 45-minutes in duration and, with Firestone Firehawk alternate tires in use, helped teams prepare for knockout qualifying at Road America.
  • Practice was slowed by a single red flag when, at the nine-minute mark, the No. 52 Honda of Cody Ware stopped on course in Turn 12. Ware was penalized five minutes for causing a red flag in practice in violation of Rule
  • A short red, practice resumed after a four-minute pause and continued uninterrupted until the checkered flag.
  • As noted by driver Felix Rosenqvist on Twitter, the top eight in Practice 2 each represented a different team: Team Penske, Andretti Autosport, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, Dale Coyne Racing, Ed Carpenter Racing, Chip Ganassi Racing, Arrow McLaren SP and AJ Foyt Racing.
  • The fastest lap belonged to Josef Newgarden whose 1:45.3399 was 0.1331 seconds clear of second-fastest Colton Herta. Seven-tenths of a second separated the top 10 and 3.9 seconds was the gap between first and 25th.
  • Scott Dixon, who ended the session with the 22nd-fastest lap, lost most of his practice time when he hit debris in the carousel which damaged the underside of his car. Despite worries that the damage would prevent Dixon from getting any laps on alternate tires, the No. 9 Honda team hustled to get him back out allowing him to turn one complete lap on reds.

Practice 1

RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Romain Grosjean5101:47.67819134.20010--.------.----
2Ryan Hunter-Reay2801:47.80243134.045100.12430.1243
3Josef Newgarden201:47.84175133.99680.16360.0393
4Alex Palou1001:47.85154133.984110.17340.0098
5Graham Rahal1501:48.09384133.684100.41570.2423
6Colton Herta2601:48.140710133.626120.46260.0469
7Sebastien Bourdais1401:48.24815133.493110.57000.1074
8Scott McLaughlin301:48.284413133.449130.60630.0363
9Oliver Askew2101:48.300011133.429120.62190.0156
10Will Power1201:48.34325133.376120.66510.0432
11Pato O'Ward501:48.42514133.27590.74700.0819
12Scott Dixon901:48.44123133.25680.76310.0161
13Takuma Sato3001:48.45663133.237110.77850.0154
14Conor Daly2001:48.662311132.984110.98420.2057
15Jack Harvey6001:48.66903132.97680.99090.0067
16Alexander Rossi2701:48.73795132.892101.05980.0689
17Simon Pagenaud2201:48.98394132.59291.30580.2460
18Marcus Ericsson801:49.02495132.542101.34680.0410
19Max Chilton5901:49.36768132.127131.68950.3427
20James Hinchcliffe2901:49.535710131.924101.85760.1681
21Jimmie Johnson4801:50.07645131.276142.39830.5407
22Cody Ware5201:50.29814131.012122.62000.2217
23Kevin Magnussen701:50.492110130.782142.81400.1940
24Dalton Kellett401:50.49414130.780132.81600.0020
— Practice 1: Results | Back to the session list

Session Notes:

  • The first practice session of the Road America race weekend was 45 minutes in duration and featured Romain Grosjean as the fastest driver. His 1:47.6781 was 0.1243 seconds clear of second-fastest Ryan Hunter-Reay.
  • The session concluded without incident in considerably warmer temperatures than the forecast for the remainder of the weekend. Visit the Forecast tab of the Race Report for the latest Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin weather information.


Green Flag11:45 a.m. CDT *
Drivers Start Your Engines11:38 a.m.
Race BroadcastNoon EDT on NBCSN
Qualifying1:30 p.m. Saturday on Peacock Premium
Qualifying BroadcastMidnight EDT Sunday on NBCSN (delay)
Practice Sessions4–4:45 p.m. Friday
10:10–10:55 a.m. Saturday
4:30–5 p.m. Saturday (warm-up)
Full Weekend ScheduleView PDF
Live Timing and ScoringINDYCAR Race Control and INDYCAR Mobile app (iOS, Android).
Radio BroadcastINDYCAR Radio Network affiliates, SiriusXM 205, IndyCar.com and on the INDYCAR Mobile app (iOS, Android).
Video StreamingAll NTT IndyCar Series practice sessions and qualifying will stream live on Peacock Premium, NBC’s direct-to-consumer livestreaming product.
* All times are in Central Daylight Time unless otherwise noted. View the green-flag time in all time zones.

Starting LineupView Table
Qualifications GroupsView PDF
Entry ListView Table
Spotter GuideView
Pit AssignmentsView PDF
Push-to-Pass Parameters200 seconds of total time with a maximum time of 20 seconds per activation.
Tires Available per EntrySeven sets primary, four sets alternate for use during the race weekend. One additional set of primary tires may be used by teams fielding a rookie driver. Teams must use one set of primary and one set of new (sticker) alternate tires for at least two laps in the race.

Starting Lineup

SPCar No.DriverEngineTire
12Josef NewgardenChevroletAlternate
226Colton HertaHondaAlternate
360Jack HarveyHondaAlternate
412Will PowerChevroletAlternate
510Alex PalouHondaAlternate
622Simon PagenaudChevroletAlternate
751Romain Grosjean (R)HondaAlternate
828Ryan Hunter-ReayHondaAlternate
927Alexander RossiHondaPrimary
105Pato O'WardChevroletPrimary
1114Sebastien BourdaisChevroletAlternate
1218Ed JonesHondaAlternate
139Scott DixonHondaPrimary
1415Graham RahalHondaPrimary
1520Conor DalyChevroletAlternate
1621Oliver AskewChevroletAlternate
173Scott McLaughlin (R)ChevroletAlternate
188Marcus EricssonHondaPrimary
1929James HinchcliffeHondaPrimary
2030Takuma SatoHondaAlternate
217Kevin Magnussen (R)ChevroletAlternate
2259Max ChiltonChevroletAlternate
2348Jimmie Johnson (R)HondaPrimary
244Dalton KellettChevroletAlternate
2552Cody Ware (R)HondaAlternate
(R) Rookie
— Starting Lineup: PDF

Entry List

Car No.DriverHometownSponsorTeamEngine
2Josef NewgardenNashville, Tennessee, USAHitachiTeam PenskeChevrolet
3Scott McLaughlin (R)Christchurch, New ZealandPPGTeam PenskeChevrolet
4Dalton KellettStouffville, CanadaK-Line InsulatorsAJ Foyt RacingChevrolet
5Pato O'WardMonterrey, MexicoArrow McLaren SPArrow McLaren SPChevrolet
7Kevin Magnussen (R)Roskilde, DenmarkArrow McLaren SPArrow McLaren SPChevrolet
8Marcus EricssonKumla, SwedenHuski ChocolateChip Ganassi RacingHonda
9Scott DixonAuckland, New ZealandPNC Bank Grow Up GreatChip Ganassi RacingHonda
10Alex PalouBarcelona, SpainNTT DataChip Ganassi RacingHonda
12Will PowerToowoomba, AustraliaVerizon 5GTeam PenskeChevrolet
14Sebastien BourdaisLe Mans, FranceROKiTAJ Foyt RacingChevrolet
15Graham RahalNew Albany, Ohio, USAHy-VeeRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
18Ed JonesDubai, United Arab EmiratesSealMasterDale Coyne Racing with Vasser SullivanHonda
20Conor DalyNoblesville, Indiana, USAU.S. Air ForceEd Carpenter RacingChevrolet
21Oliver AskewJupiter, Florida, USADirect SupplyEd Carpenter RacingChevrolet
22Simon PagenaudMontmorillon, FranceMenardsTeam PenskeChevrolet
26Colton HertaValencia, California, USAGainbridgeAndretti AutosportHonda
27Alexander RossiNevada City, California, USAAutoNation / NAPA Auto PartsAndretti AutosportHonda
28Ryan Hunter-ReayFort Lauderdale, Florida, USADHLAndretti AutosportHonda
29James HinchcliffeToronto, CanadaGenesysAndretti AutosportHonda
30Takuma SatoTokyo, JapanPanasonic / Mi-JackRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
48Jimmie Johnson (R)El Cajon, California, USACarvanaChip Ganassi RacingHonda
51Romain Grosjean (R)Geneva, SwitzerlandNurtec ODTDale Coyne Racing with RWRHonda
52Cody Ware (R)Greensboro, North Carolina, USANurtec ODTDale Coyne Racing with RWRHonda
59Max ChiltonReigate, EnglandCarlinCarlinChevrolet
60Jack HarveyBassingham, EnglandAutoNation / SiriusXMMeyer Shank RacingHonda
(R) — Denotes NTT IndyCar Series Rookie of the Year candidate
— Entry List: PDF


Track TypePermanent road course
Length4.014 miles
Race Distance55 laps (220.77 miles)
Track Map
2021 REV Group Grand Prix track map
Event Twitter Account & Hashtag@RoadAmerica, #REVGroupGP

Current Driver Performance IndexView PDF
Last Six Wins— 2020 Race 2: Felix Rosenqvist, Chip Ganassi Racing
— 2020 Race 1: Scott Dixon, Chip Ganassi Racing
— 2019: Alexander Rossi, Andretti Autosport
— 2018: Josef Newgarden, Team Penske
— 2017: Scott Dixon, Chip Ganassi Racing
— 2016: Will Power, Team Penske
Last Six Poles— 2020 Race 2: Pato O'Ward, Arrow McLaren SP (1:44.8971)
— 2020 Race 1: Josef Newgarden, Team Penske (1:45.5191)
— 2019: Colton Herta, Harding Steinbrenner Racing (1:42.9920)
— 2018: Josef Newgarden, Team Penske (1:43.2026)
— 2017: Helio Castroneves, Team Penske (1:41.3007)
— 2016: Will Power, Team Penske (1:42.2105)
Qualifying Lap Record1:39.866, 145.924 mph (Dario Franchitti of Team Green on Aug. 19, 2000)

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