2024 Children’s of Alabama Indy Grand Prix

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Barber Motorsports Park
April 28, 2024

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Race Top Five

RankDriverCar No.Laps LedPoints
1Scott McLaughlin35854
2Will Power12141
3Linus Lundqvist8436
4Felix Rosenqvist60133
5Alex Palou101231

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Passing Analysis

Miles Completed5322.20
Passing Index*5.43
Position Passes281
Position Passing Index*5.28
* Passing Index (PI) is number of passes per 100 miles completed. Position Passing Index (PPI) is number of position passes per 100 miles completed. For historical passing analysis, visit the History tab.

Post-Race Analysis

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RankDriverCar No.StartLapsTotal TimeLaps LedStatusPointsAvg. SpeedPit Stops
1Scott McLaughlin319001:56:45.777358Running54106.3693
2Will Power1229001:56:47.09671Running41106.3493
3Linus Lundqvist8199001:56:48.21944Running36106.3323
4Felix Rosenqvist6059001:56:50.28821Running33106.3012
5Alex Palou10109001:56:51.146512Running31106.2882
6Christian Lundgaard4539001:56:51.8282-Running28106.2783
7Santino Ferrucci14179001:56:52.382814Running27106.2693
8Colton Herta26159001:56:53.2897-Running24106.2552
9Marcus Armstrong1169001:56:53.8148-Running22106.2472
10Kyle Kirkwood2799001:56:54.3346-Running20106.2402
11Graham Rahal1579001:56:54.8061-Running19106.2322
12Romain Grosjean77119001:56:55.2268-Running18106.2262
13Jack Harvey18229001:56:55.9042-Running17106.2164
14Kyffin Simpson4239001:56:56.2188-Running16106.2113
15Scott Dixon9139001:56:57.1401-Running15106.1972
16Josef Newgarden289001:56:58.0128-Running14106.1842
17Rinus VeeKay21279001:56:59.2865-Running13106.1653
18Marcus Ericsson28189001:56:59.6210-Running12106.1602
19Tom Blomqvist66129001:57:00.3524-Running11106.1493
20Agustin Canapino78209001:57:00.4580-Running10106.1473
21Luca Ghiotto51219001:57:01.4582-Running9106.1324
22Theo Pourchaire6248901:55:47.6985-Running8106.0673
23Pato O'Ward549001:57:02.2234-Running7106.1203
24Christian Rasmussen20148901:57:03.5045-Running6104.9223
25Alexander Rossi7166001:40:38.7103-Mechanical582.2692
26Sting Ray Robb41255401:09:59.8639-Contact5106.4612
27Pietro Fittipaldi30264201:42:21.7871-Contact556.6222
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Race Notes
  • The 2024 Children's of Alabama Indy Grand Prix was 90 laps on the 17-turn, 2.3-mile Barber Motorsports Park road course totaling 207 miles.
  • The pit road speed limit was 45 mph and the race started the third time past the flag stand. Pole sitter Scott McLaughlin gridded drivers' left.
  • The fuel window was 26–29 laps under green-flag conditions, assuming all teams use a two-stop strategy.
  • All cars but those of Christian Lundgaard, Pato O'Ward, Graham Rahal, Alex Palou, Romain Grosjean, Scott Dixon, Christian Rasmussen, Marcus Ericsson, Agustín Canapino, Sting Ray Robb and Pietro Fittipaldi started the race on Firestone Firehawk primary black tires. Each car was required to use one set of new alternate red tires and once set of primary black tires during the race.
  • At 12:30 p.m. CDT, the ambient temperature was 75 degrees with cloudy skies. The track temperature was 98 degrees according to Firestone engineers.
  • Also at 12:33 p.m., country music artist Riley Greene gave the command, "Drivers, start your engines." All cars fired and rolled off the grid.
  • On Lap 1, Scott McLaughlin led the field into Turn 1. Behind, there was contact in Turn 1 involving the cars of Rinus VeeKay, Kyffin Simpson, Sting Ray Robb and Jack Harvey. All cars were able to continue on track. VeeKay was later penalized for avoidable contact and served a drive-through penalty.
  • The race's first of four full-course cautions began on Lap 5 when the No. 30 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Honda of Fittipaldi spun off course after contact from the No. 5 Arrow McLaren Chevrolet of O'Ward. Fittipaldi's car made further contact with the Turn 13 tire barrier. O'Ward was later penalized for avoidable contact and served a drive-through penalty.
  • McLaughlin led on the Lap 10 restart and continued at the front of the field until his first pit stop on Lap 28, which committed the Team Penske driver to a three-stop strategy.
  • Palou assumed the lead following McLaughlin's pit stop and became the lead car on the two-stop strategy, which necessitated fuel saving and slower lap times. Palou pitted on Lap 30.
  • Following pit stops, McLaughlin returned to the lead on Lap 35 and remained in that position when the race's second caution period began on Lap 43 for the No. 7 Arrow McLaren Chevrolet of Alexander Rossi stopped off course with a missing left-rear tire. The leaders including McLaughlin pitted on Lap 46 while under caution.
  • Green-flag racing resumed on Lap 48 with Palou leading. The race's third full-course caution period began on Lap 55 when the No. 41 AJ Foyt Racing Chevrolet of Sting Ray Robb made contact with the Turn 1 tire barrier after a reported steering failure. The leaders of the two-stop strategy pitted on Lap 56, necessitating even more fuel saving to get to the end of the 90-lap race.
  • The race resumed at the conclusion of Lap 60 with Santino Ferrucci leading until his final pit stop on Lap 66. Linus Lundqvist then led laps until his final pit stop on Lap 70.
  • McLaughlin resumed the race lead on Lap 70 and came out of his final pit stop on Lap 75 as the race leader on Lap 76.
  • McLaughlin led the remainder of the race, taking the white flag with a 1.2133-second advantage over Will Power. He crossed the finish line for the final time with a 1.3194-second lead over Power, securing his first victory of 2024 and the fifth win of his NTT IndyCar Series career. He also won at Barber in 2023, making this his first repeat victory at an IndyCar racetrack.
  • Official points after the Children's of Alabama Indy Grand Prix:
    1. Herta 101
    2. Power 100 (-1)
    3. Palou 98 (-3)
    4. Dixon 94 (-7)
    5. Rosenqvist 87 (-14)
    6. O'Ward 71 (-30)
    7. Kirkwood 67 (-34)
    8. Lundqvist 62 (-39)
    9. McLaughlin 59 (-42)
    10. Ferrucci 58 (-43)


RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Alex Palou1001:06.319521124.85022--.------.----
2Felix Rosenqvist6001:06.806915123.939170.48740.4874
3Josef Newgarden201:06.87877123.806200.55920.0718
4Kyle Kirkwood2701:06.896616123.773200.57710.0179
5Scott Dixon901:06.948818123.677210.62930.0522
6Scott McLaughlin301:07.018219123.549210.69870.0694
7Kyffin Simpson401:07.042021123.505210.72250.0238
8Agustin Canapino7801:07.074520123.445220.75500.0325
9Linus Lundqvist801:07.074719123.444210.75520.0002
10Pato O'Ward501:07.090916123.415230.77140.0162
11Marcus Armstrong1101:07.143710123.318220.82420.0528
12Pietro Fittipaldi3001:07.296817123.037220.97730.1531
13Will Power1201:07.38225122.881131.06270.0854
14Colton Herta2601:07.387616122.871221.06810.0054
15Marcus Ericsson2801:07.396310122.855211.07680.0087
16Santino Ferrucci1401:07.537520122.599211.21800.1412
17Christian Lundgaard4501:07.571221122.537221.25170.0337
18Rinus VeeKay2101:07.587520122.508221.26800.0163
19Jack Harvey1801:07.693318122.316211.37380.1058
20Alexander Rossi701:07.741410122.230201.42190.0481
21Christian Rasmussen2001:07.91529121.917221.59570.1738
22Luca Ghiotto5101:07.930415121.889201.61090.0152
23Tom Blomqvist6601:08.061921121.654221.74240.1315
24Graham Rahal1501:08.07455121.631221.75500.0126
25Romain Grosjean7701:08.416717121.023222.09720.3422
26Theo Pourchaire601:08.613520120.676212.29400.1968
27Sting Ray Robb4101:09.386421119.332213.06690.7729
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Session Notes
  • Warm-up for the 2024 Children's of Alabama Indy Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park began on time at 9:15 a.m. CDT.
  • The session ran for its full 30-minute duration with one red-flag period that slowed the action.
  • At 9:23 a.m., the No. 60 Meyer Shank Racing Honda of Felix Rosenqvist was stopped on course at Turn 9. The resulting red flag lasted for three minutes.
  • At the conclusion of warm-up, the No. 10 Chip Ganassi Racing Honda of Alex Palou was fastest with a lap time of 1:06.3195.


Firestone Fast Six
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Scott McLaughlin301:05.9490125.55255--.------.----
2Will Power1201:06.0460125.367340.09700.0970
3Christian Lundgaard4501:06.0818125.299440.13280.0358
4Pato O'Ward501:06.2940124.898440.34500.2122
5Felix Rosenqvist6001:06.4524124.600550.50340.1584
6Marcus Armstrong1101:06.9022123.763440.95320.4498
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Qualifying Notes
  • Qualifying for the NTT P1 Award consists of three segments. In the first round, each group receives 10 minutes of track time with the clock starting when the first car hits the alternate start-finish line. The fastest six cars from each group advance to Round 2 while the remaining cars are assigned positions 13 to 27. Group 1 drivers will occupy the odd-numbered positions while Group 2 drivers will occupy the even-numbered positions based on their fastest lap times. During Round 2, the 12 advancing cars receive 10 minutes of track time with the fastest six cars advancing to the Firestone Fast Six while the remaining cars are ranked in positions seven through 12 based on their fastest laps. During the Firestone Fast Six, the six cars receive six minutes of guaranteed green-flag time. At the end of session, cars are ranked one through six based on their fastest laps.
  • The entirety of qualifying was green with no red flags.
  • One penalty was issued when the No. 30 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Honda of Pietro Fittipaldi was judged to have engaged in qualifying interference during Group 2 qualifying. Fittipaldi was stripped of his two fastest laps and the ability to advance.
  • Christian Lundgaard, Will Power, Scott McLaughlin, Marcus Armstrong, Pato O'Ward and Felix Rosenqvist advanced to the Firestone Fast Six.
  • At the conclusion of Round 3, NcLaughlin's 1:05.9490 in the No. 3 Team Penske Chevrolet earned the New Zealander his first NTT P1 Award of 2024 and his sixth career NTT IndyCar Series pole.

Round 2
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Christian Lundgaard4501:05.8130125.81156--.------.----
2Will Power1201:05.8765125.690670.06350.0635
3Scott McLaughlin301:05.9344125.579780.12140.0579
4Marcus Armstrong1101:05.9593125.532780.14630.0249
5Pato O'Ward501:06.0374125.383670.22440.0781
6Felix Rosenqvist6001:06.0418125.375780.22880.0044
7Graham Rahal1501:06.0942125.276770.28120.0524
8Josef Newgarden201:06.2908124.904790.47780.1966
9Kyle Kirkwood2701:06.2959124.895670.48290.0051
10Alex Palou1001:06.3013124.884780.48830.0054
11Romain Grosjean7701:06.3526124.788780.53960.0513
12Tom Blomqvist6601:06.3871124.723670.57410.0345
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Round 1 Group 2
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Scott McLaughlin301:05.8147125.80877--.------.----
2Will Power1201:06.0450125.369880.23030.2303
3Josef Newgarden201:06.1385125.192880.32380.0935
4Christian Lundgaard4501:06.2147125.048770.40000.0762
5Felix Rosenqvist6001:06.2483124.984780.43360.0336
6Tom Blomqvist6601:06.4519124.601780.63720.2036
7Christian Rasmussen2001:06.4803124.548880.66560.0284
8Alexander Rossi701:06.5054124.501670.69070.0251
9Marcus Ericsson2801:06.5846124.353780.76990.0792
10Agustin Canapino7801:06.6706124.193780.85590.0860
11Jack Harvey1801:06.7969123.958880.98220.1263
12Theo Pourchaire601:06.9052123.757781.09050.1083
13Pietro Fittipaldi3001:07.4920122.681381.67730.5868
14Rinus VeeKay2101:07.7392122.234341.92450.2472
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Round 1 Group 1
RankDriverCar No.Best TimeBest SpeedBest LapTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Alex Palou1001:05.5862126.24678--.------.----
2Pato O'Ward501:05.8193125.799660.23310.2331
3Marcus Armstrong1101:05.9767125.499880.39050.1574
4Graham Rahal1501:05.9948125.464770.40860.0181
5Romain Grosjean7701:06.0343125.389880.44810.0395
6Kyle Kirkwood2701:06.0350125.388780.44880.0007
7Scott Dixon901:06.1425125.184780.55630.1075
8Colton Herta2601:06.1481125.174780.56190.0056
9Santino Ferrucci1401:06.2751124.934660.68890.1270
10Linus Lundqvist801:06.2825124.920880.69630.0074
11Luca Ghiotto5101:06.4788124.551880.89260.1963
12Kyffin Simpson401:06.5267124.461880.94050.0479
13Sting Ray Robb4101:06.8404123.877671.25420.3137
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Practice 2

RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Rinus VeeKay2101:06.54634124.42518--.------.----
2Romain Grosjean7701:06.581913124.358230.03560.0356
3Scott McLaughlin301:06.609918124.306240.06360.0280
4Graham Rahal1501:06.65887124.215210.11250.0489
5Christian Lundgaard4501:06.69735124.143190.15100.0385
6Pato O'Ward501:06.752811124.040210.20650.0555
7Will Power1201:06.773618124.001230.22730.0208
8Alex Palou1001:06.777621123.994260.23130.0040
9Josef Newgarden201:06.80827123.937170.26190.0306
10Marcus Armstrong1101:06.859018123.843240.31270.0508
11Alexander Rossi701:06.86345123.835160.31710.0044
12Scott Dixon901:06.976314123.626210.43000.1129
13Agustin Canapino7801:06.997720123.586250.45140.0214
14Colton Herta2601:07.055718123.479240.50940.0580
15Christian Rasmussen2001:07.071213123.451240.52490.0155
16Santino Ferrucci1401:07.08935123.418180.54300.0181
17Marcus Ericsson2801:07.092714123.411260.54640.0034
18Kyle Kirkwood2701:07.181012123.249220.63470.0883
19Tom Blomqvist6601:07.251713123.120210.70540.0707
20Linus Lundqvist801:07.279924123.068310.73360.0282
21Jack Harvey1801:07.564112122.550251.01780.2842
22Kyffin Simpson401:07.575510122.530261.02920.0114
23Theo Pourchaire601:07.69499122.313251.14860.1194
24Luca Ghiotto5101:07.735813122.240271.18950.0409
25Felix Rosenqvist6001:07.88135121.97871.33500.1455
26Sting Ray Robb4101:08.31798121.198221.77160.4366
27Pietro Fittipaldi3001:18.43271105.568111.886410.1148
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Session Notes
  • Practice 2 for the 2024 Children's of Alabama Indy Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park started on time at 11:15 a.m. CDT.
  • The session ran for its full 45-minute duration with two red-flag periods that stopped the clock.
    • At 11:18 a.m., the No. 30 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Honda of Pietro Fittipaldi went off course in Turn 2 due to an apparent steering failure. The resulting red flag lasted for six minutes.
    • At 11:46 a.m., the No. 6 Arrow McLaren Chevrolet of Théo Pourchaire went off course in Turn 14. The red-flag period lasted for three minutes.
  • At the conclusion of Practice 2, the No. 21 Ed Carpenter Racing Chevrolet of Rinus VeeKay was fastest with a lap time of 1:06.5463.

Practice 1

RankDriverCar No.Best TimeOn LapBest SpeedTotal LapsDifferenceGap
1Josef Newgarden201:06.704515124.13020--.------.----
2Pato O'Ward501:06.787520123.975250.08300.0830
3Will Power1201:06.791422123.968260.08690.0039
4Colton Herta2601:06.800224123.952260.09570.0088
5Christian Lundgaard4501:06.897229123.772390.19270.0970
6Romain Grosjean7701:06.963928123.649280.25940.0667
7Graham Rahal1501:06.967924123.641290.26340.0040
8Marcus Armstrong1101:06.968925123.639310.26440.0010
9Scott McLaughlin301:07.093522123.410240.38900.1246
10Marcus Ericsson2801:07.148120123.310290.44360.0546
11Santino Ferrucci1401:07.182323123.247280.47780.0342
12Alex Palou1001:07.28157123.065210.57700.0992
13Christian Rasmussen2001:07.441832122.773330.73730.1603
14Rinus VeeKay2101:07.478023122.707270.77350.0362
15Linus Lundqvist801:07.508934122.650360.80440.0309
16Agustin Canapino7801:07.541319122.592240.83680.0324
17Felix Rosenqvist6001:07.595320122.494210.89080.0540
18Kyle Kirkwood2701:07.612221122.463210.90770.0169
19Tom Blomqvist6601:07.624429122.441300.91990.0122
20Pietro Fittipaldi3001:07.738832122.234391.03430.1144
21Scott Dixon901:07.742420122.228241.03790.0036
22Alexander Rossi701:07.817626122.092261.11310.0752
23Jack Harvey1801:07.921024121.906251.21650.1034
24Kyffin Simpson401:07.936535121.879371.23200.0155
25Theo Pourchaire601:08.008335121.750351.30380.0718
26Sting Ray Robb4101:08.583220120.729271.87870.5749
27Luca Ghiotto5101:08.663837120.588391.95930.0806
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Session Notes
  • Practice 1 for the 2024 Children's of Alabama Indy Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park started on time at 2:40 p.m. CDT and ran for its full 75-minute duration.
  • The session was slowed by two red-flag periods:
    • At 2:54 p.m., the No. 2 Team Penske Chevrolet of Josef Newgarden spun in Turn 15 and ran off course. Newgarden was able to return to pit lane without assistance. The red flag lasted for two minutes.
    • At 3:04 p.m., the No. 78 Juncos Hollinger Racing Chevrolet of Agustin Canapino stopped off course after spinning in Turn 2. The red flag lasted for four minutes.
  • At the conclusion of Practice 1, Newgarden was fastest with a lap time of 1:06.7045.


Green Flag12:40 p.m. CDT *
Drivers Start Your Engines12:33 p.m.
Race Broadcast1 p.m. EDT on NBC
Qualifying2:30 p.m. on Saturday
Practice Sessions2:40–3:55 p.m. Friday
11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Saturday (45-minute session)
9:15–9:45 a.m. Sunday (warm-up)
Full Weekend ScheduleView PDF
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Radio BroadcastINDYCAR Radio Network, SiriusXM INDYCAR Nation 160, IndyCar.com and on the INDYCAR App powered by NTT DATA (iOS, Android).
Video StreamingAll NTT IndyCar Series practice sessions, qualifying and races will stream live on Peacock, NBC’s direct-to-consumer livestreaming product.
* All times are in Central Daylight Time unless otherwise noted. View the green-flag time in all time zones.

Starting LineupView Table
Qualification GroupsView Table
Entry ListView Table
Spotter GuideView Web
Pit AssignmentsView PDF
Push-to-Pass Parameters200 seconds of total time with a maximum single duration of 20 seconds. The push-to-pass is not available on the initial start or any restart unless it occurs in the final two laps or three minutes of a timed race.
Tires Available per EntrySix sets primary, four sets alternate. One additional set is available to rookie drivers for use in the Friday afternoon practice session.

Starting Lineup

SPCar No.DriverEngineTire
13Scott McLaughlinChevroletPrimary
212Will PowerChevroletPrimary
345Christian LundgaardHondaAlternate
45Pato O’WardChevroletAlternate
560Felix RosenqvistHondaPrimary
611Marcus ArmstrongHondaPrimary
715Graham RahalHondaAlternate
82Josef NewgardenChevroletPrimary
927Kyle KirkwoodHondaPrimary
1010Alex PalouHondaAlternate
1177Romain GrosjeanChevroletAlternate
1266Tom Blomqvist (R)HondaPrimary
139Scott DixonHondaAlternate
1420Christian Rasmussen (R)ChevroletAlternate
1526Colton HertaHondaPrimary
167Alexander RossiChevroletPrimary
1714Santino FerrucciChevroletPrimary
1828Marcus EricssonHondaAlternate
198Linus Lundqvist (R)HondaPrimary
2078Agustin CanapinoChevroletAlternate
2151Luca Ghiotto (R)HondaPrimary
2218Jack HarveyHondaPrimary
234Kyffin Simpson (R)HondaPrimary
246Theo Pourchaire (R)ChevroletPrimary
2541Sting Ray RobbChevroletAlternate
2630Pietro FittipaldiHondaAlternate
2721Rinus VeeKayChevroletPrimary
(R) Rookie
— Starting Lineup: PDF

Qualification Groups

Group 1DriverGroup 2Driver
77Romain Grosjean21Rinus VeeKay
15Graham Rahal3Scott McLaughlin
5Pato O’Ward45Christian Lundgaard
10Alex Palou12Will Power
11Marcus Armstrong2Josef Newgarden
9Scott Dixon7Alexander Rossi
26Colton Herta78Agustin Canapino
14Santino Ferrucci20Christian Rasmussen
27Kyle Kirkwood28Marcus Ericsson
8Linus Lundqvist66Tom Blomqvist
4Kyffin Simpson18Jack Harvey
51Luca Ghiotto6Theo Pourchaire
41Sting Ray Robb60Felix Rosenqvist
30Pietro Fittipaldi
— Qualification Groups: PDF

Entry List

Car No.DriverHometownSponsorTeamEngine
2Josef NewgardenNashville, Tennessee, USAPPGTeam PenskeChevrolet
3Scott McLaughlinChristchurch, New ZealandGood RanchersTeam PenskeChevrolet
4Kyffin Simpson (R)Grand Cayman, Cayman IslandsJournie RewardsChip Ganassi RacingHonda
5Pato O'WardMonterrey, MexicoArrow McLarenArrow McLarenChevrolet
6Théo Pourchaire (R)Grasse, FranceArrow McLarenArrow McLarenChevrolet
7Alexander RossiNevada City, California, USAArrow McLarenArrow McLarenChevrolet
8Linus Lundqvist (R)Stockholm, SwedenAmerican LegionChip Ganassi RacingHonda
9Scott DixonAuckland, New ZealandPNC BankChip Ganassi RacingHonda
10Alex PalouBarcelona, SpainRidgeline LubricantsChip Ganassi RacingHonda
11Marcus ArmstrongChristchurch, New ZealandRoot InsuranceChip Ganassi RacingHonda
12Will PowerToowoomba, AustraliaVerizon BusinessTeam PenskeChevrolet
14Santino FerrucciWoodbury, Connecticut, USAAJ Foyt Racing / Sexton PropertiesAJ Foyt RacingChevrolet
15Graham RahalNew Albany, Ohio, USAHendricksonRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
18Jack HarveyBassingham, EnglandDale Coyne RacingDale Coyne RacingHonda
20Christian Rasmussen (R)Copenhagen, DenmarkGuy CareEd Carpenter RacingChevrolet
21Rinus VeeKayHoofddorp, NetherlandsEd Carpenter RacingEd Carpenter RacingChevrolet
26Colton HertaValencia, California, USAGainbridgeAndretti AutosportHonda
27Kyle KirkwoodJupiter, Florida, USAAutoNationAndretti AutosportHonda
28Marcus EricssonKumla, SwedenDelaware LifeAndretti AutosportHonda
30Pietro FittipaldiMiami, Florida, USAMi-JackRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
41Sting Ray RobbPayette, Idaho, USAAJ Foyt Racing / pray.comAJ Foyt RacingChevrolet
45Christian LundgaardHedensted, DenmarkHy-VeeRahal Letterman Lanigan RacingHonda
51Luca Ghiotto (RIArzignano, ItalyDale Coyne RacingDale Coyne RacingHonda
60Felix RosenqvistVärnamo, SwedenAutoNation / SiriusXMMeyer Shank RacingHonda
66Tom Blomqvist (R)Cambridge, EnglandAutoNation / Arctic WolfMeyer Shank RacingHonda
77Romain GrosjeanGeneva, SwitzerlandJuncos Hollinger RacingJuncos Hollinger RacingChevrolet
78Agustín CanapinoArrecifes, ArgentinaJuncos Hollinger RacingJuncos Hollinger RacingChevrolet
(R) — Denotes Rookie of the Year candidate
— Entry List: PDF


Track TypeRoad course
Length2.3 miles
Race Distance90 laps (207 miles)
Number of Turns17
Track Map
2024 Children's of Alabama Indy Grand Prix track map
Event 𝕏 Account & Hashtag@BarberMotorPark, #INDYBHM

Past Driver PerformanceView PDF
Last Five Wins— 2023: Scott McLaughlin, Team Penske
— 2022: Pato O'Ward, Arrow McLaren SP
— 2021: Alex Palou, Chip Ganassi Racing
— 2019: Takuma Sato, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
— 2018: Josef Newgarden, Team Penske
Last Five Poles— 2023: Romain Grosjean, Andretti Autosport (1:05.8396)
— 2022: Rinus VeeKay, Ed Carpenter Racing (1:06.2507)
— 2021: Pato O'Ward, Arrow McLaren SP (1:05.8479)
— 2019: Takuma Sato, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (1:08.5934)
— 2018: Josef Newgarden, Team Penske (1:07.4413)
Qualifying Lap Record1:05.5019 (Pato O'Ward of Arrow McLaren SP on April 17, 2021)

Historical Passing Analysis

YearMiles CompletedPassesPI*Position PassesPII*
* Passing Index (PI) is number of passes per 100 miles completed. Position Passing Index (PPI) is number of position passes per 100 miles completed.