Saturday, July 20, 2019

A thoughtful alternative.

The Apex is not a vehicle for advertising. In the value-for-value model, our work is supported by you and your data is never compromised.

Join the crew behind The Apex.

The media industry is turning a corner. By abandoning advertising and implementing a new means to sustainability, The Apex is at the center of this change in direction.

Rather than cluttering our work and interrupting your experience with advertisements, we ask you to consider how much value you receive from The Apex as well as The Braking Point podcast and return that value to us in one-time, monthly or annual contributions via the box below.

We’ve intentionally shifted the experience of reading The Apex in your favor, making your participation in this value-for-value system critical.

Since you and other regular readers of The Apex are providing the financial support for our work, we are incentivized to do an extraordinary job — not to increase pageviews with shabby articles to generate ad revenue.

We don’t think it’s acceptable to make you the product by stealing your attention and selling you to advertisers. By joining The Apex Crew, you’re participating in a more logical exchange: Paying for the value you receive.

We haven’t set a price for you and put bonus content and a t-shirt on the other side of it. Instead, we’re initiating a more substantial connection by asking you to decide what the work we already do is worth to you. By all means, get in touch if you want a t-shirt, but we want to make sure you’re supporting The Apex for the right reasons.

If you find The Apex valuable in any way, please consider contributing what you feel is appropriate. We can’t wait to welcome you to The Apex Crew.

Climb the ranks of The Apex Crew all at once or over time with contributions that match or exceed the levels below. We’ll keep track of your contributions and be sure to thank you during a special segment of The Braking Point, as well as on this page.

  • General member: $1–14
  • Tire Changer: $15
  • Fueler: $30
  • Spotter: $60
  • Engineer: $120
  • Race Strategist: $180
  • Team Manager: $240
  • Team Owner: $300
Aaron Durant
Aaron brings a developing design and editorial vision to The Apex every day and co-hosts The Braking Point podcast every week. As editor-in-chief and an avid reader, Aaron enjoys aligning his relentless care for quality with an interest in counterintuitive approaches.
Ben Hinc
Ben's executive editor title is purposefully broad to encompass the bottomless list of roles he fills for The Apex, which includes webmaster, graphic designer, quality consultant and writer. Ben's technical background and progressive media distribution approach set The Apex apart technologically and philosophically.

Creativity is encouraged!

Consider a $33 one-time, monthly or annual contribution to honor the Indianapolis 500 starting field. Alternatively, what's your favorite driver's number? We're excited to see how you think outside the box.

Clear and concise.

We strictly adhere to the Associated Press, INDYCAR and IMSA style guides in our definitively categorized news, analysis and opinion articles. Quality and clarity are rules, not goals, and we ensure navigating The Apex is seamless.

No ads, no trackers.

No advertisements enables more than distraction-free reading and ultra-fast page loading. We refuse to offer you — and your personal data — up to advertisers and deploy zero third-party internet trackers.

Free from bias.

Since we take no advertising money, we optimize The Apex's reading experience. We're driven to deliver you value, not to steal your attention with sensational headlines and underwhelming articles.

Advanced podcast.

Once a week, we trade our keyboards for microphones to engage with you in an audio format on The Braking Point — the only motor sports podcast that's conveniently chaptered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's more information about The Apex's value-for-value model. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.