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Tire Changer

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You're a crucial team player and a kind supporter.
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Just over a dollar per day from the season opener through the Indianapolis 500.
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Race Strategist

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Team Manager

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One dollar per day during racing season means you oversee our success.
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You've reached the top — and are helping us do the same.
  • Surprise package

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Quality obsession

We adhere to the AP Stylebook and series-specific style guides to ensure our writing is clear, concise and free of errors.

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Editorial independence

Since The Apex is supported by readers rather than sponsors involved in the very thing we write about, we're able to write entirely for our audience.

Premium podcast

We trade our keyboards for microphones once a week and release an engaging conversation in a well-produced — and chaptered — podcast called The Braking Point.

The Apex Crew

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