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We approach motor sports journalism in a new way.

Direct Support

Our content is freely available but we need your help to continue creating.


We obsess over the quality of our writing to meet our own high standards.


An emphasis on simplicity here creates a comfortable reading experience.


No ads means more than just fast page loading.

What's in a Name?


the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point

Our love for racing is the bedrock upon which The Apex is built. We write, post and obsess about racing because we want our passion for the sport to be shared by others.

It’s our belief that the sharing of this passion should not be hindered in any way, whether by irritating ads, intrusive trackers, low-quality writing or paywalls. To us, the aim of creating racing content isn’t obtaining the most pageviews but rather delivering the most value with the least amount of friction. We believe that independence is key to creating a community that enjoys freedom of expression while never losing sight of the passion that underlies it.

We are committed to maintaining an online destination that takes a new approach by offering freely available content that is free of distraction, free of privacy intrusion and free of unnecessary bias. The new iteration of The Apex is rooted in direct support, where the only stakeholders are our readers and the value we create flows only toward them. Providing value for the value we receive through our readers’ contributions as the means of funding our efforts is what makes us excited to work on The Apex every day.

Direct Support

Direct support is the only model that will allow us to realize our beliefs with The Apex.

Employing a paywall that would keep our writing locked away unless payment is received keeps it from being freely available, limiting the sharing of our passion to only a few rather than many. Hosting ads on our pages introduces distraction and necessitates the use of third-party trackers that make the reader the product that is being sold. Treating readers as currency devalues both them and the content they are reading.

Requesting direct support through one-time and recurring donations makes certain that our readers will never be the product and their personal information will never be profited from. The Apex Crew, our group of supporters, creates a community where mutual respect brings quality racing content to more people without the pitfalls experienced elsewhere.

The direct-support model also brings with it editorial independence. We can escape the influence of advertisers — including the very entities we write about — and instead tell the real story, which isn’t always the prevailing narrative. It gives us the ability to approach the topics we cover from an impartial perspective that’s not influenced by favoritism.


Realizing our vision for The Apex requires intense clarity of purpose. This is reflected in the clarity and consistency of our writing, which we obsess over.

We ensure our writing meets our own high standards by deferring to the AP Stylebook for general-purpose queries and the style guides of the series we cover for motor sports topics. The uniformity of our language guarantees that our articles are communicated clearly, further removing barriers between writer and reader.

Whether together in a racetrack’s media center or geographically split, we come together to make sure even invisible details on everything relating to The Apex are flawless before things leave our desks. Our ruthless approach to throwing out misspellings, misunderstandings and misuse of rules, written or unwritten, is unparalleled and means a smooth reading experience for you.


Just as we are focused on bringing our passion to our readers, our readers should be able to easily focus on The Apex’s content.

We achieve this through a meticulously handcrafted design that eliminates undue distraction. Every page puts our writing front and center while offering additional content that’s either relevant or specifically chosen by us.

But we’re so confident that a motor sports publication free of interference from advertisements and clickbait headlines offers an unparalleled experience that we take it a step further. Similar to the external design of The Apex, the backend where we work and even our beliefs about how to best write about motor sports are governed by focus.

Rather than a mess of categories and pages, we keep The Apex’s organization tidy. Rather than creating inconsistent content, we zero in on working our ideas into one of a few distinct article types: news, analysis and opinion. And rather than carelessly rushing to publish lazily crafted articles, we go the extra mile when writing and dig deep to create something that could only come from The Apex.

Though this allows us to create challenging and engaging articles, our focused approach ensures your time consuming our work does not cause unnecessary headache.


We’ve gone to great lengths to protect the privacy of anyone who visits The Apex.

Privacy starts with an encrypted connection but it goes beyond a simple SSL certificate. We’ve removed all third-party trackers from The Apex, including those injected by social media websites. Since we value our readers’ preferences, we employ a single self-hosted analytics tracker accessible only to us. This gives us the ability to know what’s read most and how people access the website among other metrics.

We don’t allow our visitor’s information to be used for profit purposes by us or any third party because our method of earning readers’ support is through the value received, not the information we’re able to harvest.

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When a particular article or podcast episode brings you value, pass it on. Word of mouth and sharing online brings The Apex to the attention of others in the best possible way.


We employ a value-for-value model in which you decide how much our work is worth to you and return the value you receive via one-time or recurring contributions.