Welcome to The Apex 2.0

Three years after The Apex’s original launch on Nov. 11, 2015, we are excited to usher in a new era for our two-man motor sports publication.

Over the past 36 months, The Apex didn’t evolve as quickly as we did, making The Apex 2.0 a strong departure from what came before.

Gone are advertisements, third-party trackers and stock designs lifted from a popular website theme. In their place is a new direct-support model, a reinvigorated focus on privacy and page after page of custom layouts and designs.

Here’s how we got here and what prompted us to renew The Apex in such a profound way.

Covering Motor Sports Isn’t Cheap

All endeavors have certain costs but we’ve found out the hard way that embracing our passion for motor sports and sharing it via The Apex requires time, dedication and, increasingly, money.

Many online motor sports publications are supported by ads, a system wherein page views and click-through rates matter more than attention to detail and commitment to quality. The temptation to be the first rather than the best in order to juice ad impressions is strong.

It’s a grueling game to play and the reward for playing it well isn’t all that lucrative. Quickly, banner ads become pop-ups and pop-overs and deceptive “related articles” aiming to get a click above all else.

We have simply decided that we aren’t interested in playing it that way. Rather, we decided to play it differently.

Direct Support and Value for Value

An intense preoccupation with quality, consistency and clarity has led us to engage in countless discussions about the best way to implement every aspect of The Apex.

The second iteration of the website that debuts today is the culmination of our learning to date. The revolution begins with freely offering our work in exchange for support from you, our readers and listeners.

By free, we mean free of ads, free of intrusive tracking and free of having your personal information used as a profit center. When an online publication is supported by advertising, the advertisers are the true customers and the readers are the products being sold. We stand so firmly against this that we’re turning a corner regarding how The Apex is financially sustained.

Instead of treating our readers and listeners as chattel, we’ve instead decided to employ respect. We respect your time and attention. Moreover, we respect how you choose to spend your time and attention. We’re honored when anyone reads The Apex and we work hard to provide value with our work.

Direct support means that we serve you directly and you let us know that our work is appreciated by offering monetary contributions to The Apex in exchange for the value you receive.

Where the Money Goes

While we are firm believers in your right to privacy, we feel it would be unfair to ask for money and not reveal how it’s to be spent.

A detailed survey of our 2018 expenditures revealed that each day of being onsite at a racetrack costs between $150 to $400 on average, factoring in lodging, food and travel for events that are both inside and outside of driving distance.

Beyond the 54 days we expect to be traveling next year, there are also costs to keep The Apex online and functional. We’ve prepared an estimated budget that shares all of these figures because you deserve to know what your contributions will enable us to accomplish.

By eschewing external sources of income, we’ve staked the ability to continue our work on your willingness to support it.

Making Something New

Our transition to thriving off your direct support gave us the unique opportunity to reconsider every facet of The Apex.

With valuable screen real estate once devoted to ads now available, we analyzed every page to determine how we could replace what previously was meant to draw your attention with new elements that enhance your experience.

We’ve ensured our writing is central to your time on the website and that any supplemental material adds rather than subtracts. Truly relevant articles and hand-picked features adorn almost every page with the hope that any attention they may garner provides additional value.

Beyond articles, we’ve gone over every single page that comprises The Apex and implemented new designs that both delight and inform.

Vision Realized

It took three years but we finally feel like The Apex perfectly reflects our values. During that time, our personal growth and evolution meant that what we’re unveiling today couldn’t have been created in 2015.

It’s here now. We’re so proud to welcome you to The Apex 2.0.

The Apex
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