New Firestone rain tire on Kanaan's Indy car
Firestone's new offering for use in wet weather was fitted to a few cars as they rolled from their garages to pit lane for Practice 1 in Detroit. | Photo: Gannon Burgett / The Apex

Firestone’s next-generation rain tire made its first appearance on the first day of the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix weekend as the first new rain tire design in three years with an all-new tread pattern.

The tire represents the culmination of work between Firestone Racing, part of Bridgestone American, Inc., and Verizon IndyCar Series drivers and teams.

Featuring a grooved tread pattern that improves grip, the tire is designed to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. The technology behind the superior performance includes both asymmetric and directional tread patterns that, when combined, create a unique design for each tire position.

IndyCar rain tire made by Firestone
Firestone developed a unique tread pattern for IndyCar’s new rain tire. | Photo: Gannon Burgett / The Apex

Like previous rain tires utilized by IndyCar, the new version will continue to have a gray sidewall to differentiate from black-sidewalled primary tires and red-sidewalled alternate tires.

Involved with Indy car racing for over 100 years, the new rain tire extends Firestone’s commitment to the sport as IndyCar’s official tire for 19 seasons.

Should wet conditions occur during the Detroit weekend, the new rain tire will make its on-track debut. Otherwise, it will be pressed into service on the next road or street course that experiences precipitation.


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