Daly, Rossi at Imire Conservancy on
Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi of Team IndyCar got a safari experience on "The Amazing Race." | Photo: CBS

Coming off a strong finish in Prague, Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi ensured that #TeamIndyCar made it past the race’s first partner swap in Zimbabwe on a special two-hour episode of “The Amazing Race.”

After traveling nearly 5,000 miles from Prague to Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, teams rode a train to the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservancy.

Upon arriving, each team had to construct a safari tent and turn in for the night. The first three teams to finish their tents had an advantage the next morning when host Phil Keoghan announced that the rest of the leg would be completed with different partners.

A schoolyard pick paired Team IndyCar with Lucas Bocanegra and Brittany Austin of Team Ocean Rescue.

Prior to moving on to the leg’s Detour, the newly formed duos had to use makeshift rafts to search Imire Lake for suspended canteens containing their next clue. The clue directed teams to a lookout tower a half-mile away where they had to choose between “Rhino Track” and “Bush Whack.”

“Rhino Track” required each pair to ride a trail on horseback and collect evidence of poachers along the way. Upon their return to the trailhead, all eight clues had to be placed on a map in the same order they were found in. For “Bush Whack,” teams had to drive a boggy trail to replenish a ranger’s supply station with water.

Rossi and Austin were the first to begin the horse-riding challenge and also the first to complete it, reaching the leg’s finish mat in second place overall. Due to the partner swap, they were not allowed to move on until their original teammates arrived.

While their partners waited at the Pit Stop, Daly and Bocanegra were literally stuck in mud after failing to traverse one of the bogs along the trail in their four-wheel drive truck. With Bocanegra manning a winch, Daly was able to muscle the vehicle out of the muck.

Conor Daly stuck in mud on "The Amazing Race"
Conor Daly remained behind the wheel while stuck in the mud during the leg’s Detour. | Photo: CBS

“Lucas — I tell you what, he was the winch king,” said Daly about his temporary teammate before they reached the finish mat in third place. “If that’s a title you can assume from now on, you are now the winch king.”

Reunited with their original partners, Team IndyCar and Team Ocean Rescue departed for Harare and the next leg’s first clue ahead of the rest of the pack.

After arriving at their next destination, both teams discovered the race’s second Double U-Turn. Daly and Rossi elected to U-turn Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak of Team Yale while Austin and Bocanegra chose to U-turn Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf of Team Big Brother.

Next up for teams was the leg’s Detour with Daly and Rossi choosing “Just Get It There.” Despite not being able to quickly find their destination, they managed to roll two tires through a crowded street market and deliver them to a flatbed truck behind a hardware store and still finish in third place.

In the leg’s final task, teams had to learn a popular song in Harare’s native language and perform it in front of a crowd of people. In order to move on to the Pit Stop, each duo had to demonstrate proper pronunciation and showmanship during their performance.

“My biggest concern about this entire trip around the world that we’re taking was always the music aspect of it,” said Rossi before Team IndyCar began the challenge.

Each team had trouble learning the song and performing it adequately. After several attempts, Daly and Rossi impressed the crowd enough to obtain the final clue containing the location of the Pit Stop.

Team IndyCar arrived at the finish mat in third place just ahead of Zhang and Lynyak who they had U-turned earlier in the leg.

Eric and Daniel Guiffreda, twin firefighters from Louisiana, were last to arrive and were eliminated, leaving only five teams to contest the remainder of the competition.

“The Amazing Race” will return with another two-hour episode on Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.


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