Friday, January 18, 2019

Team IndyCar Goes Last to Fifth in Leg 2


The 30th season of “The Amazing Race” began its second leg in Iceland and ended it on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium with Verizon IndyCar Series drivers Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi finishing in fifth place.

All of the 10 remaining teams began their Belgian excursion together, but finding the first of three challenges was more difficult for some. Daly and Rossi arrived at the Roadblock tied for last place and ended up being the last team to complete it.

The season’s first Detour — a choice between two challenges — was next up for the competitors. Daly and Rossi chose to complete a diamond appraisal challenge over one involving working with a printing press.

Despite leaving the Roadblock in last place, #TeamIndyCar arrived at the “Diamond Glint” Detour in sixth. Even though Daly noted that he hadn’t looked through a microscope since eighth grade, the pair managed to complete the task and move on to the leg’s final challenge in sixth place.

Rather than racing directly to the finish mat, the episode featured the show’s first Head-to-Head competition in which teams face off against each other for the chance to advance to the next round. The last team without a win was to be eliminated.

The competition required one member of each team to navigate an obstacle course while pushing a dolly carrying eight bags of uncooked frites, better known to American viewers as French fries.

Rossi, who squared off against Evan Lynyak of #TeamYale, shot out to an early lead and was praised for his form by host Phil Keoghan.

“Alex is picking the line,” said Keoghan. “Like any good race car driver, he’s looking for the apexes on the corner.”

The technique resulted in a win, allowing Daly and Rossi to finish the second leg in fifth place, identical to their performance during the first leg in Iceland.

“The most difficult part of that race was the damper program on the dolly was lacking a little bit,” joked Rossi at the finish mat.

April Gould and Sarah Williams, Goat Yoga moms from Phoenix, were eliminated when they failed to win the final Head-to-Head matchup.

With their move from last to fifth, Team IndyCar advances to the third episode of “The Amazing Race,” set to air on CBS at 8 p.m. EST on Jan. 17.

Ben Hinc
Ben Hinc
Ben Hinc, managing The Apex as executive editor, has frequented media centers at racetracks across North America since 2014. Hinc's multi-decade passion for technology has resulted in a broad skillset that keeps The Apex running fast and without error.


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